Expats Happy Hour at Pancho Villa Oct 17

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Judy & Mike Moore

Judy & Mike MooreStatus: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Employed

Where are you living now / where are you from:  Chesterfield, MO a suburb of St. Louis.

Timeframe for a move: Not sure right now. have been coming to PV for years for vacations, and like it very much. It’s on our list of places to retire to.

Where else are you considering:  Southern U.S. near water

Why Vallarta:  Like the lifestyle, and residents seem very friendly. we’ve only stayed at a resort (Velas Vallarta) on our many trips to PV and have a positive impression of the area.

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you:  What it’s really like to live in Puerto Vallarta, cost of housing and details associated with moving to Mexico.

Shawne Young & Craig Georgeson

Shawne Young & Craig GeorgesonStatus: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Retired

Where are you living now / where are you from:  Airdrie, Alberta Canada

Timeframe for a move:  12 months

Why Vallarta:  People, culture, weather, cost of living

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you:  We visit PVR 2 times a year so we know the area. Joined this site to get to know the expat community when we arrive. Other things that we are looking for is long term (annual) rentals

Conde Nast Travelers Rank Puerto Vallarta Among “The Best Cities in the World”

Conde Nast Travelers rank Puerto Vallarta among “The Best Cities in the World” (https://www NULL.vallartadaily NULL.com/news/puerto-vallarta/puerto-vallarta-best-cities-world/)

Ashley Hejlik

Status: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Employed

Where are you living now / where are you from:  Currently living in Sayulita. From Upstate New York

Timeframe for a move:  May 2018

Where else are you considering:  San Pancho, Playa del Carmen

Why Vallarta:  Close to Sayulita but has more amenities.

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you: Looking for great, affordable places to live.

Octavio Gildo

Octavio GildoStatus:  Family

Employed or Retired:  Employed

Where did you live previously:  Scottsdale AZ, Palo Alto Ca, and El Paso TX

What part of town do you live in:  Downtown Centro

Why did you decide to move to Vallarta:  My roots are from the area

What other places did you consider:  No other place considered

What were the main reason(s) you moved here:  Life is more exciting and more things to do here in a relaxed atmosphere.

What are the top (3) things you have learned that you think might help someone moving to Vallarta now:  All new comers should learn a bit about the culture, the legal/judicial and the Real Estate system.

Dave & Lisa Geer

Dave & Lisa GeerStatus: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Semi-retired

Where are you living now / where are you from:  South Hero, Vermont

Timeframe for a move:  1-3 years

Where else are you considering:  All things are on the table. We have a boat!

Why Vallarta:  Very favorable reading on the area. Have never been to PV before however. Planning a trip this December…

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you:  If the December trip happens, we would love to meet some folks who have made the move….

Oct 12 Dinner at Rincon de Buenos Aires Steak House

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Rob & Janine Baxter

Rob & Janine BaxterStatus: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Employed

Where are you living now / where are you from:  Liberty Lake, Washington

Timeframe for a move:  Within the next 12 months

Where else are you considering:  Lake Chapala

Why Vallarta:  People, Beaches, Amenities

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you:  I need some info/recommendation on seasonal rentals/realtor.

Deb Denniston & Ray Perales

Status: Couple

Employed or Retired:  Retired

Where are you living now / where are you from:  San Tan Valley, AZ

Timeframe for a move:  3 years- Spring 2021

Where else are you considering:  No where else

Why Vallarta:  We have been to Vallarta many times, enjoy the atmosphere, food, simplicity of life and the weather

How can ExPats in Vallarta assist you:  how soon before we move to contact a realtor to buy a home, how to prepare to move