Nanette Taylor

Nanette Taylor

Status: Single

Employed or Retired: Employed

Where did you live previously: Originally, Houston, TX. Previously Portland, Seattle, Vallarta, Paris, Gstaad, Switzerland, southern France…

What part of town do you live in: El Cerro (Centro)

Why did you decide to move to Vallarta: I adore México! I adore the people (Méxicano, intrepid foreigners and expats), its extraordinary diversity (culturally and topographically), the FOOD and particularly Vallarta, where mountain jungles fall into the sea…

What other places did you consider: None (until I’m impelled to find the next “last” paradise…)

What were the main reason(s) you moved here: ¡Vivir! (…where I don’t need a car! Oh, and birding…)

What are the top (3) things you have learned that you think might help someone moving to Vallarta now:

  • Smile
  • Acknowledge your neighbors (particularly our Mexican hosts)
  • Accept the cultural differences
  • Embrace your strange new world
  • Tip well
  • Don’t OVER haggle (just say “no gracias)!


  1. Hi Nanette,
    Wow, sounds like you have had an exciting life so far in many beautiful and amazing places. We are looking at moving to Mexico and doing our research now. We looked at Ecuador and it is not for us for several reasons. But, so far Mexico seems to be what we are looking for, change, beauty, wonderful people, food, views, etc. We realize the pace is slow but hey we have no where to go. I see you live in Centro but I’m not sure where that is. Since I am making the trip by myself (husband has to take care of our 3 dachshunds and his mom and we just got back from Ecuador so someone has to stay home), do you feel it is safe for me to travel alone. I would fly into PV and wanted to look at sayulita, PV, manzanillo. Not sure how I will get from one place to another but I assume taxi or bus if affordable. If you have any suggestions or ideas to share please let me know! Thanks and it is nice to see you are living your dreams! Do you live there year round?